How will Toronto cricket be in the future?


Sports this is one subject that we all know whether you actually follow it or not it is always around and sometimes it makes for interesting conversation especially when people deliberate about what the future may hold for a certain team or sport.

So let’s talk about cricket:

This is a sport that has been around for a very long time and was invented on the fields of England.

1. How does the game work?

toronto CricketWell with cricket you will need 2 teams and they need 11 players on each team. The captain of the team who wins the toss will be deciding whether his team will bet batting or bowling first. If he chose batting they will have to aim to score a lot of runs and also make sure that the opposing team doesn’t get near that score

2. So what are the formats?

Well this game has many formats but the formats that most people would know are test cricket matches and also one day cricket matches.

  • In test cricket the games will go on for 5 days and each team might get a chance to bat twice depending on time
  • One day is definitely the most popular Format. The teams will get 300 balls to score runs while the other team will try to outscore them with the same number of balls.

3. The players:

  • Batsmen – this is the guy who scores runs of the bowlers balls
  • Bowler – he is the one who bowls and tries to bowl out the batsmen
  • Fielder – this is the player who will be assisting the bowler and also prevent the batmen from scoring.

So does cricket have a future in Canada?

This has been quite an interesting topic with a lot of different opinions and it is still one that is being discussed.

toronto CricketIn 2008 Canada had the world at their doorstep and Cheema was planning to make a name for himself in this sport and in no time he made an impression and he was doing outstanding. But then in 2015 the players seem to have suffered from fitness issues. Cheema who is the captain has stated that Canada cricket has no future unless the system starts to improve he went on saying there is nothing to look forward to not until the next qualifier. When they lost ODI status which happened at the world cup qualifier in 2014 no one grasped the magnitude of what this would do to the team. Cheema also stated that planning is hard as you will not always know which players will be going on tour and which of them will be staying at home.

But this is not due to the players it is a funding problem or a shortage of it so cricket in Canada will only improve if they get more funding.

There are a few cricket academies in Canada and the players are doing great but they do need funding to be able to excel.

So is Canada cricket at a dead end? Well with funding not at all they will be able to perform once again if they can get funding.